PSTrax & Batt3 Technologies Team Up

Littleton, Colorado – PSTrax, the industry leader in software for fire department operations and logistics management, is pleased to announce that we have partnered up with Batt3 Technologies, who provides incident command management, crew scheduling and rehab tracking to first responders.

This partnership brings a broader scope of fully-featured digital tools to public safety agencies to ensure first responders can perform their jobs in the safest and most efficient manner, using the best-of-breed tools they need to best serve their communities.

PSTrax, Chief Operations Officer, Ryan Larson says:

“We are really excited about this partnership with Battalion 3. PSTrax is founded on the idea of great customer service and building long-term relationships with our Fire-EMS agencies. That includes helping them navigate the ever-changing technology ecosystem. We are seeing a big shift from “all-in-one” solutions to specialty solutions (like PSTrax) that get the job done.

With so many solutions in the marketplace, we are often asked by agencies to provide recommendations for other solutions. To help with this we are creating a consortium of specialty solution partners that help with important operational areas – one of which is scheduling. Battalion 3 is a clear leader in this space and we highly recommend their Scheduling, Rehab and Incident Command solutions.”

Between PSTrax’s ability to assist in truck checks, provide real-time equipment and assets information, and offer unparalleled inventory and controlled substance management in one place and Batt3’s agile emergency services solutions, including incident command, scheduling and rehab tracking tools, users of our platforms get the kind of seamless functionality they deserve to assist them in the day-to-day operations of their stations.

Learn more about this partnership check out our Batt3 partner page, here.

About Batt3

Batt3 focuses on providing usable solutions for today’s emergency services. We were founded by working members of the fire service who recognize the need for technologies to be simple to use, yet powerful tools to handle complex problems. Our advantage is our development team focuses on first hand knowledge and experience as incident commanders and leaders in the fire service.  Our products maintain an intuitive design and work reliably in rugged environments. For more information, visit

About PSTrax

PSTrax is the industry leader Operations Readiness & Logistics Management system for Fire and EMS agencies to automate Vehicle, SCBA, PPE, Critical Asset, Inventory, Station and Controlled Substance checks.  Our cloud-based system integrates all your checks into an easy-to-use system that is proven (since 2009) and highly adopted by crews.  We would be happy to show you the benefits and efficiencies the PSTrax system can provide for your department.  For more information, visit

We are always here to help, for product support, you can reach us at 888-330-6006, or via email at For product or sales inquiries, contact PSTrax at 888-330-6006 or email us at  Visit us on the web at


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