Digital Tracking of Narcotics

The PSTrax Controlled Substance Management System tracks every vial handoff such as arriving/departing checks, usage events, restocks, and inventory checks. Track and document each vial by its control number, lot number and expiration date. Electronic signature and dual authentication provide even more secure verification. Our EMS narcotics tracking software includes unlimited vials for DEA Schedule II, III and IV controlled substances.


Log every time a controlled medication is administered, restocked, or inventoried throughout your department. Each check is automatically timestamped and archived, so you can see a full account of activity - from the moment the drugs come into your department's possession, to when they are administered, expired, broken, or wasted.

Track inventory 
​Keep an accurate count of controlled substances across every location - boxes, vaults, vending machines, etc. - by logging arriving & departing and inventory checks as often as needed.

Track usage
Gather the information that you need anytime a narcotic is administered, expired, broken, or wasted - info such as incident number, quantity used, witness, hospital, and more.

Track restock
Record when drugs are added into the system from a vendor, hospital, or pharmacy - and get a real-time account as they move from master inventory to apparatus to usage.


Every department does things slightly differently, so we build the Controlled Substance module to match your particular needs. Whether you inventory drugs in sealed containers or swap entire containers in and out,  use one seal or multiple (or none), count quantities by vial or dosage - we set it up exactly how you want it.  Among the other items that can be customized:

Drug locations - Set up checks in every box, vault, locker, and vending machine that store narcotics - and tie the locations to specific apparatus and stations.

Custom event fields - Add required information for users to fill out each time narcotics are administered, expired, broken, wasted, restocked, or counted.

Signatures - Choose whether to require signatures for each event.

Event names - Change the names of events to whatever you prefer to call them (i.e. Arriving / Departing vs. On-Coming / Off-Going, etc.).

Stock and refill levels - Set stock amounts for each drug location and get flagged when it dips below par.

Admin vs. Medic/EMT access levels - Identify which activities can be done by Medics / EMTs and which ones are limited to Admin only.


Run reports to see current narcotics inventories across the entire department, ​view expected stock amounts, track log histories by location, view signatures, and more. Each entry is date/time-stamped when completed, but Admin have the ability to make adjustments if necessary - with both the original entry and any subsequent adjustments being recorded automatically. As with all reports in PSTrax, the information can be exported as needed.

"The Narcotics module has allowed accurate, reliable and accessible tracking of controlled substance inventories within our department. The customization that is offered to Administrators is key to the successfully transition to electronic form. When narcotics shortages occur, having the ability to quickly change the inventories - whether from mobile or desktop - is vital. PSTrax has absolutely delivered on this module." Engineer Matt OsbornCastle Rock Fire Department (CO)


Manage all your vehicle checks and inventories.



Manage all your station and building checks.



Track all your EMS and station consumables.



Manage all your high-dollar assets.



Manage all your SCBA equipment.



Manage all your PPE gear.


Controlled Substances

Track all of your controlled substance vials.


It provides a centralized system for tracking and documenting the acquisition, distribution, administration, and disposal of narcotics, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and preventing drug diversion.

Controlled substance tracking software typically works by leveraging technology such as barcode scanning, electronic signatures, and digital records to track the entire lifecycle of narcotics.

Enhanced compliance, improved efficiency, prevention of drug diversion, real-time visibility, and simplified audits are just some of the benefits of controlled substance tracking software.

The cost of narcotics tracking software can vary depending on various factors, such as the specific features, scalability, and vendor pricing models. While some software solutions may have a higher upfront cost, it is important to consider the long-term benefits and potential cost savings through increased efficiency, improved compliance, and reduced risk of drug diversion.

The requirement for internet access depends on the specific narcotics tracking software you choose. Some software solutions operate as locally installed applications that do not rely on internet connectivity, offering offline functionality.

Yes, many software providers offer configurable options to tailor the software to meet specific organizational needs. This may include customizable forms, fields, workflows, and reporting features.