"One of the best features of PSTrax, is that it allows us to use the system as a project management tool. When a piece of equipment comes out of service, we are able to track it from the time it leaves the fire truck all the way through the process of repair and return back to the apparatus."

District Chief Kevin Wiseman, Spring Fire Volunteer Department (TX)

"We've identified the way we manage and track our assets as an area for improvement. Essential information about our assets can and has been misplaced through lost or incomplete paperwork or even human error. Staff have recently identified a more efficient way of managing and tracking our assets."

Steve Cameron Executive GM of Operations Royal Flying Doctors of Australia

"PSTrax allows us to do a fabulous follow-up on every single thing that we do. We are true fans - it's affordable, it's easy, and I appreciate this company's support of our fire department."

Fire Chief Fred Windisch, Ponderosa Fire Department (TX)

"The biggest benefit to me is the communication between shifts. Information gets relayed to everybody. The guys just log in on their phone or tablet and see what happened last shift. If something got taken out of service or if equipment was moved around, everyone knows about it."

Captain Peter McElvaney, Boulder Rural Fire Protection District (CO)


"One of the best features of PSTrax, is that it allows us to use the system as a project management tool. When a piece of equipment comes out of service, we are able to track it from the time it leaves the fire truck all the way through the process of repair and return back to the apparatus."

Chief Kevin Wiseman, Spring Fire Department (TX)


"There's no doubt in my mind it's made a difference in how our apparatus are being checked. It's really holding people accountable. Not only are we doing better checks on our apparatus, now we're using it for medical inventories. Everything we're doing in our fire department is tracked appropriately."

Chief Pat Wilson (RET), Coweta County Fire Department (GA)

"I've been working with PSTrax for over five years and the program has helped bring our department into the 21st century. We do all of our apparatus and equipment checks with their software and it really helps with the documentation and maintenance schedules. I would highly recommend them to all first responders in Canada."

Chief Kevin Miller, Cremona Fire Department (Alberta, Canada)

"I’d seen the price tags of many software programs out there and when I saw PSTrax, I was worried it wouldn’t fit within our budget. But we were really surprised at how reasonable the price was compared with other programs we'd been quoted before."

Chief Doug Yurecko, Waynesville Rural Fire Department (MO)

"PSTrax has exceeded our expectations in every way. We initially planned on using the platform for apparatus inventory and checks only. It has proven to be a lifesaver for our TCFP inspection in the areas of PPE and SCBA as well. I have contacted Nathan a few times and the support we received from him has been second to none. Every issue was addressed immediately. I know you serve a lot of departments, but it feels like we are the only one sometimes because if the individualized attention we receive when we contact anyone from PSTrax. If there is ever anything we can do to help support you guys, let me know. I have used all sorts of products (Operative IQ, Aladtec, etc) and your platform has blown every single one of them out of the water."

Chief Tyler Shirley, Huffman Volunteer Fire Department (TX)

"We were looking for an internet-based program that would allow us to replace several spreadsheet we were using to conduct monthly apparatus inspections. We looked at a couple vendors and chose PSTrax based on the price and the product's functionality, and we are very happy we did. The staff from the beginning has been supportive and accommodating, continually checking in with us as they built out our requirements to make sure we were getting what we needed. The end product exceeded our expectations. We use PSTrax now to not only complete our apparatus inspections, but to track annual gear inspections, SCBA inspections, flow testing, hydro testing, gear inventory, return to service checklists, and to send alerts for issues that come up. PSTrax has given us that one place to do all of these things and the crews can do it all on their phones. As for the customer service, it is fantastic - to the point where I was called back by a representative from the company who was still at the hospital just after his baby was born. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking to consolidate their tracking needs into one easy to use application."

Chief Eric Forand, Bristol Fire Department (VT)

"Even our most 'computer challenged' firefighters admitted to it being easier and more efficient than they expected. I'm pleased with our transition into the program and appreciate the customer service we have received."

Chief Tracy Kenny, Broadview Fire Department (IL)

"The whole roll-out has been extremely smooth. The build process was very easy and we got the final product ahead of the agreed upon schedule. The build team put together a very accurate set of vehicle and EMS checks based on the information we sent over. After we had received the final version, the PSTrax team was very good about making the few corrections needed and was very willing to train me to make my own changes in the program. This has allowed us to fine-tune PSTrax to match our needs perfectly. The feedback I am getting from our personnel is that the program is very easy to learn and use. This is consistent on the front-end and the back-end of your product."

EMS Division Chief Mike Thomas (RET), Fremont Fire Department (CA)

"The Narcotics module has allowed accurate, reliable and accessible tracking of controlled substance inventories within our department. The customization that is offered to Administrators is key to the successfully transition to electronic form. When narcotics shortages occur, having the ability to quickly change the inventories - whether from mobile or desktop - is vital. PSTrax has absolutely delivered on this module."

Engineer Matt Osborn, Castle Rock Fire Department (CO)

"PSTrax has been a game changer! No more paper getting lost or chasing down emails from months ago. It's now all in one place only a click away! Tracking all of our equipment and PPE means no more missed inspections and everyone knows where everything is at any given time. We love it - it has beaten all of our expectations."

Brigade Captain Simon Scholtyssek, Seaford Country Fire Service (Australia)

"We were looking for a solution that could get our apparatus checks on an electronic program where we didn’t have to prints stacks of paper every month and then find a place to store them. We searched and received demos from multiple companies and found PSTrax to be best suited for us. We complete daily, weekly, and monthly checks on our apparatus that the firefighters can now easily check off by utilizing our iPad or their own phones. It is very quick and easy to make updates or changes whenever they need to be made. The PPE & SCBA modules make it easy to track expirations and hydro dates. I would recommend this product to any agency looking to streamline their operation and make things more efficient for the firefighters that use the program."

Assistant Chief Jeremy Stocker, Snohomish County Fire District (WA)

"Our department has been using PSTrax since 2016. We utilize the program for logging apparatus daily and monthly checks, tracking medication expiration dates, ordering station supplies, and completing building maintenance. This has improved management oversight of our apparatus and equipment readiness without a pile of paperwork to review every month. Now our folks see issues being recorded, communicated, and corrected in a timely manner. Prior to PSTrax, issues were falling through the cracks of the paperwork process. More importantly is the quick response from the service team. All of our emails and questions are handled right away, which makes my job managing the program painless."

Lieutenant Jason Rogers, Louisville Fire Department (CO)


Manage all your vehicle checks and inventories.



Manage all your station and building checks.



Track all your EMS and station consumables.



Manage all your high-dollar assets.



Manage all your SCBA equipment.



Manage all your PPE gear.


Controlled Substances

Track all of your controlled substance vials.