Pricing varies based on the modules and add-ons that you select, but rest assured that PSTrax is affordable. To learn more about our modules and get pricing for your agency, please get in touch to learn more.
PSTrax is a cloud-based program which means that you can use the program on any device (phone, tablet, laptop, etc) that has connectivity. 

Once you sign up with PSTrax, we will schedule a project kickoff meeting with our build team.  They will outline the steps in the build process and discuss specifics related to your checks.  Then we will custom-build the system to your exact specs.  All we need from you are your documents in whatever form they’re in now (check sheets, Excel files, etc.).

PSTrax is highly adopted by crews for two reasons:  it is extremely user friendly and it saves them time.  Crews simply login and complete their checks.  The system automatically tells them what checks are due and documents each completed check in real-time.  Officers receive status report emails each day, so they have a summary of what has been completed.
We custom configure the system to your specs.  Overall the process is quick.  Typically, it takes a few weeks to a few months.  Important factors that determine the timeline include the size of your department, how many modules you use, and how quickly you provide your documents to us.  We will set more specific dates during the initial project kickoff meeting with our build team.
You own all of the information and data that is input into PSTrax. The data is securely hosted using . The data is also backed up on Amazon Web Services providing you with ease of mind and redundancy for your data. 

No need to worry.  We typically don’t want to “reinvent the wheel” for departments that already have processes in place.  But for those that don’t, we have industry standards such as NFPA and other best practices we can use to build checks that meet your needs.

Some RMS programs have basic “check the box” add-on modules for truck checks.  Usually they require you to use a generic boilerplate template, and to build everything yourself.  With PSTrax, everything you need is in one place. Your checks are scheduled automatically so your crews just log in, see the checks due and get to work.  Completed checks are automatically documented and stored for you to access whenever needed. 

PSTrax does not have an app – it is a cloud-based program. Being cloud-based provides a lot of benefits – multiple crews can complete checks at the same time, the system can be accessed by any device and any operating system and all data is stored and synced to the cloud.


Manage all your vehicle checks and inventories.



Manage all your station and building checks.



Track all your EMS and station consumables.



Manage all your high-dollar assets.



Manage all your SCBA equipment.



Manage all your PPE gear.


Controlled Substances

Track all of your controlled substance vials.