Digital Fire Equipment Tracking

The PPE Module tracks the full history for each piece of PPE gear from purchase to retirement. Manage gear assignments and document any type of event - routine inspections, advanced inspections, cleanings, repairs, contaminant exposures, and more. View expiration dates and maintenance costs for better forecasting and to justify when things need to be replaced. Includes unlimited PPE inventories - including multiple sets and unassigned gear.


Every inspection, alert, assignment change, and status change is automatically documented in each gear's detail history. You can see everything that happened on any piece of gear (i.e. "Show me the full history of this helmet"), or you can search in bulk (i.e. "Show me every time Firefighter Miller inspected his gear last year"). You can always export this information into a PDF or Excel file, if needed.


Inspections tailored to your needs
We automatically import checks adapted from NFPA 1851, but you can customize the setup to meet your exact specifications. Inspections can be scheduled and logged when they're due (routine inspection, cleaning, etc.), or performed as-needed (post-incident, repair, etc.).

Make sure issues get handled right away
Crew members can instantly alert the proper personnel when there is an issue with their turnout gear. The malfunctioning gear can be pulled from service, repaired, and returned to service when fixed. All alerts, repairs, and inspections are logged in the gear's history, so you can identify items that are constantly malfunctioning and take the appropriate action.

Incorporate checks from external vendors
Inspections done by external vendors can be added easily in PSTrax. You can select in bulk the gear that got sent out, log the type of inspection performed, and attach a work order or receipt from the vendor - which will show up in the history for every piece of gear.


All of your gear in one place
Structural, wildland, extrication, WMD, hazmat - we've loaded it all. Keep track of every piece of gear assigned to specific users, as well as any spare items in station inventory.

Find what you're looking for quickly
Search through gear by user, type, shift, serial number, manufacturer, expiration date, last inspection date, and more. If needed, you can also export your search results to a PDF or Excel document.

Easy to maintain
PPE Admin can edit, add, and retire gear in the system in minutes, so your inventory is always up-to-date.

"We were looking for a solution that could get our apparatus checks on an electronic program where we didn’t have to prints stacks of paper every month and then find a place to store them. We searched and received demos from multiple companies and found PSTrax to be best suited for us. We complete daily, weekly, and monthly checks on our apparatus that the firefighters can now easily check off by utilizing our iPad or their own phones. It is very quick and easy to make updates or changes whenever they need to be made. The PPE & SCBA modules make it easy to track expirations and hydro dates. I would recommend this product to any agency looking to streamline their operation and make things more efficient for the firefighters that use the program."

Assistant Chief Jeremy Stocker
Snohomish County Fire District (WA)


Manage all your vehicle checks and inventories.



Manage all your station and building checks.



Track all your EMS and station consumables.



Manage all your high-dollar assets.



Manage all your SCBA equipment.



Manage all your PPE gear.


Controlled Substances

Track all of your controlled substance vials.


PPE should be inspected regularly, ideally before each use, to ensure it is in good working condition. Additionally, routine inspections should be conducted based on manufacturer guidelines and industry best practices.

The replacement of PPE should be determined based on several factors, including the manufacturer’s recommendations, the level of wear and tear, and any damage or defects detected during inspections.

PPE tracking software can track various types of PPE, including but not limited to helmets, gloves, boots, respirators, safety glasses, protective suits, and more.

PPE tracking software typically tracks essential information related to PPE, such as the type and description of the equipment, unique identification numbers, purchase and issue dates, maintenance and inspection records, wearer information, and location details.

Yes, PPE tracking software can be integrated with other fire department software systems to streamline operations and improve overall efficiency.

PPE tracking software plays a crucial role in compliance reporting by generating accurate and detailed reports on PPE inspections, maintenance, and replacement.