EMS Software for Checks & INVENTORY.

Checklists are an integral part of every EMS agency to ensure safety and readiness. But, let’s be honest, no one gets a career in emergency medical services because they love filling out checklists. Performing EMS checks and inventories can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, often involving complex processes and detailed record-keeping.

More than 65% of EMS agencies still complete checks on paper. Using a turnkey, purpose-built software solution to automate your checklists and inventory management will help your crews…

  • Save Time & Operate More Efficiently
  • Improve Documentation
  • Simplify Reporting & Budgeting
  • Improve Internal Communications
  • Locate Equipment & Inventories
  • Identify & Report Issues
  • Improve Compliance

Having the right EMS software solution in place will:

  • Automate Tedious Tasks so your Team can Focus on More Important Duties
  • Ensure that Your Inventory Counts are Accurate for All Checks
  • Keep your Records Up-to-Date
  • Schedule Recurring Tasks & Checks
  • Track Equipment for Every Incident Response


Rig & Life Flight Checks

Still using paper or clunky systems for your EMS rig checks?

If you have had enough with manual paperwork and clipboard checks and want to make sure your air care crews and medics are properly stocked, rigs ready to roll, check out our EMS management software. With PSTrax, you can do regularly scheduled and automatically documented checks on your stations, rigs, bags, and controlled substances. 

See what we can do. Learn more here.

Maintenance Checks for Bases

Tired of the chore wheel?

Get first responder software to help you automate base checks including building maintenance inspections, chore schedules, safety inspections, specialty equipment inspections, and basic EMS and station supply checks.

Learn more about station checks.

Inventory & Supplies

Tracking supplies and stock levels is a huge task.

Save time and money tracking station and EMS consumable supplies and have visibility to all your inventory locations – central supply, stations, vehicles, and med bags – with a single source of truth.

Learn more about inventory checks.

DEA Schedule II, III, and IV Compliant Checks

Tracking controlled substances is serious business, especially scheduled substances used for treatment. 

Every handoff, exchange, and administration must be documented and accounted for, and that’s a big task.

E-signatures and dual verification ensure that you have the full truth, and our system is compliant for DEA schedule II, III, and IV controlled substances. 

Learn more about controlled substance checks.

Track your High Value EMS Items

Your most expensive assets should never be your most expensive mistakes.

Keep track of all your high-value EMS assets through their entire lifecycle. Create custom events and get issues handled immediately to keep everything in top shape.
Learn more about asset checks.



Gartner© - the leading technology research firm - named PSTrax the top EMS Software on Capterra and GetApp for Best Value, Best Ease of Use and Best Functionality based on real customer reviews.


Every organization has a core competency. Yours is saving lives. Ours is checklists and inventory management. We don't try to be "all things to all people". We maintain a laser focus and it's why we're what you would call the "best tool for the job".


You don't have time for another IT project. That's why we build and implement your entire system for you, and we build it to your specs. Just email us your existing documentation and we'll handle the rest. You can stay focused on more important things while we build your turnkey solution. It will be ready to rollout in a matter of weeks.


Your system won't be the same on Day 1 as Day 365 or Day 4,745 (shout out to our very first customer). There are always changes - new vehicles, new inventory, new users, revising checklists. We provide unlimited ongoing support - at no extra cost - to help with these changes.


We are a private company that answers to our customers, not to VC firms or shareholders. Our team is passionate and committed to serving first responders and doing the right thing. This is why many of our customers refer to us as "the best vendor they work with".


That's right, we provide our customers a one-year money back guarantee because our 98.5% retention rate makes us confident you'll be extremely happy and will want to spread the good news to your neighbors about how PSTrax can help them too.


The crews at Royal Flying Doctors discuss how PSTrax is being used to transform their EMS operations from "the old-fashioned way" - paper and spreadsheets - to automation for the 21st century.


EMS Checks ensure that no critical steps are missed during patient assessments and interventions. Additionally, the software can track and document vital information in real-time, enabling more accurate reporting and seamless communication with hospitals and healthcare professionals.

EMS Software automates the collection, storage, and retrieval of essential data, ensuring accurate and up-to-date documentation. By incorporating standardized checklists and protocols, the software helps agencies comply with industry regulations and guidelines. It also facilitates the generation of comprehensive reports, making it easier to demonstrate compliance during audits and inspections.

Yes, EMS checklist software can integrate with other systems like electronic Patient Care Reporting (ePCR) or Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD).

Yes, EMS checks software can be customized to meet the unique needs of your EMS agency. PSTrax’s software, for example, offers flexible customization options to adapt to your agency’s specific protocols, checklists, and workflows.

Yes, EMS rig checks software prioritizes security and maintains HIPAA compliance. The software incorporates robust security measures, including data encryption, secure user authentication, and role-based access controls.

Yes, EMS checks software typically offers mobile capabilities and is available on both iOS and Android platforms as our program is cloud-based.

Yes, EMS checks software can be used in a multi-agency or regional setting. The software is designed to accommodate the complex needs of multiple agencies or regions working together.

EMS Checks ensure that no critical steps are missed during patient assessments and interventions. Additionally, the software can track and document vital information in real-time, enabling more accurate reporting and seamless communication with hospitals and healthcare professionals.