Automate Your Rig Checks

The Vehicle Module automates vehicle inspections and truck check inspections. Each apparatus can be customized based on its checklists (daily/weekly/monthly/PMs) and inventories. The vehicle checks are scheduled based on the frequency of completion. Crew members simply login and complete the checks due each day. Completed checks are automatically documented and rescheduled. This helps to more effectively manage and maintain vehicles and the equipment and inventories that ride on them. Each vehicle may have unlimited engine, chassis and inventory checks.


Keep track of all your rigs
From Aerials to Zodiacs - any apparatus your department has can be managed in PSTrax. Monitor every time your units are inspected, go in and out of service, move stations, and more.

Flexible scheduling
Checklists can be scheduled for each apparatus so crews only see what’s due when they log-in. Daily inspections show up every day, weeklies every week, etc. Once done, the checks automatically roll forward to the next due date. When you take a vehicle out of service, you can deactivate any scheduled checks until the vehicle comes back in service.

Automatic documentation
Every checklist, inspection, and alert is automatically timestamped and stored in PSTrax.  Access all your records in a few clicks – instead of combing through pages of paper logbooks.


Easy for everyone in your department
Crews can log checks easily from any phone, computer, or tablet. Just sign in, select the vehicle you're working on, and go down the list. Check off the items as pass or fail, set alerts, and add notes as needed.

Instant alert notifications
If a piece of equipment is malfunctioning or missing, crew members can post an alert that immediately notifies the appropriate personnel. ​ So EMS alerts go to the EMS staff, vehicle alerts go to the mechanic, etc.

Built-in training
Add instructions, images, documents, videos, and other resources to your tasks so that crew members know how to perform their inspections correctly. ​


Every inspection, alert, status change, and location change is automatically documented for each vehicle.  Search through your log history quickly by apparatus, equipment, posted by, and more for any given date range. Create custom reports with the information you need and export to a PDF or Excel file.

"The biggest benefit to me is the communication between shifts. Information gets relayed to everybody. The guys just log in on their phone or tablet and see what happened last shift. If something got taken out of service or if equipment was moved around, everyone knows about it." Peter McElvaney, CaptainBoulder Rural Fire Protection District (CO)


Manage all your vehicle checks and inventories.



Manage all your station and building checks.



Track all your EMS and station consumables.



Manage all your high-dollar assets.



Manage all your SCBA equipment.



Manage all your PPE gear.


Controlled Substances

Track all of your controlled substance vials.


Yes, fire vehicle inspection software can integrate with other fire department software systems. It is designed to streamline and centralize the inspection process, ensuring seamless data flow and reducing manual data entry.

Fire vehicle inspection software offers mobile app functionality, allowing firefighters and inspectors to conduct their vehicle checks conveniently from their smartphones or tablets.

Fire vehicle inspection software plays a crucial role in compliance reporting by automating and simplifying the reporting process.

PSTrax Vehicle Check Software can manage inspections for fire engines, ladder trucks, ambulances, hazmat vehicles, rescue equipment, breathing apparatus, hoses, pumps, and more.

Yes, by enabling regular inspections, maintenance, and preventive measures, the software helps identify issues or faults early on, allowing fire departments to address them promptly.

Fire vehicle inspection software aids in efficient inventory management by tracking and organizing fire department assets. It maintains a centralized database of all equipment, including vehicles, gear, tools, and supplies, along with their inspection history, maintenance records, and expiration dates.

It allows fire departments to record and manage training sessions, certifications, and qualifications for individual firefighters. The software can send automated reminders for upcoming training renewals, track completed courses, and generate reports to demonstrate compliance with training standards.

Yes, it is designed to accommodate the needs of fire departments of all sizes, including those with extensive vehicle fleets and numerous equipment assets. The software can handle the increased volume of inspections, data, and users, while maintaining its performance and functionality.