Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Dear readers,

I hope all of you are well and enjoying this festive holiday season. We just finished up our 2020 planning meetings here at PSTrax Headquarters in Littleton, Colorado. With a chill in the air and snow on the ground, I took a look around at our team and realized how fortunate we are to have clients like you.

In fact, most of us have a tough time even calling you all clients since we know many of you on a first-name basis, and I’ve got the majority of your numbers saved on my phone. All of our team sincerely look at our clients like we would friends or family.  When Cliff Long and I started this off in 2009, I had no idea we’d have PSTrax friends and family in virtually every state in the country, many in Canada and even a few in Australia.

I’ve told the story many times, but it all started with my daughter, Nicole, a fire paramedic here in Metro Denver. She had overheard a conversation between the Chief and the maintenance Captain and called me wanting to know if our company could build an “app for truck checks” for her department. Shortly after that, she moved on to another district, but ten years later, Black Hawk Fire Department is still using us, and they stop by our booth regularly when we’re out at FDIC, FRI, or one of the many shows we do every year.  I have become very close friends with members of the department, some that regularly stop by the house or office.

Nicole came to our Holiday dinner this week and looked around at our team and said: “Wow, I guess things are going well.” The truth is, things are going great, and it wouldn’t have happened without you and your crews, and the feedback we get from all of you. This year, we increased our sales by 82%, in large part due to referrals and existing clients adding new modules.

Next year, we’re committed to making our platform and our service even better. We’re pushing more updates and adding more features, and we’re going to be doing those through a more straightforward process. We’re also making some huge  improvements in our new controlled substance and inventory modules.

If you’ve got any ideas or thoughts that can make us better, be it our service, software, or team; I’d love to hear from you. As with all our team members, please feel free to reach out to me for anything I can do to help you and your team maximize PSTrax.

Thanks again and happy holidays,

Scott Bergeron,
President, PSTrax
303 918 3169
[email protected]