How To Avoid Cabin Fever At The Firehouse

Whether departments are staffed with full-time career firefighters or a combination of paid firefighters and volunteers, they all adhere to a standard daily routine. What happens when things get shaken up and things aren’t quite the same? In recent weeks, departments across the United States have noted that their call volume is down. People who normally call them for non-emergency services aren’t doing that. As a result, many firefighters are sitting around, wondering what to fill their time with.  Here’s a list of activities and tasks that you can use on a slower day to get your department in tip-top shape – it’s also a great way to keep the cabin fever from hitting.

Move Around:
It should be no surprise that moving around makes this list. Being in top physical shape is one of the most important job requirements for first responders and now is the time to try and set some new personal records. Run, lift some weights or climb the ropes.

Learn Something New:
As a first responder, being in shape is critical, but so is being up to date on your training. Brush up on existing skills and knowledge or dive into a new topic. Learn to tie ropes and knots (can you do them blindfolded?) or put on your PPE gear and do some freestyle May Day training.

Spring Cleaning:
Things are slow, it’s spring, what better time to get around to some of the deeper cleanings that need to get done? Wash your apparatus, clean out compartments and organize paperwork. Done already? Wash out the bay, wax the floors and give the sofa cushions a clean (added bonus: you might find some loose change in there.)

Get organized:
Now is the perfect time to get your equipment and inventory in order. Create processes for daily checks, routine inspections, and other necessary preventative maintenance. If you’re not sure where to start, we can help. PSTrax is the industry-leading system for operations checks and inventory management. We even custom-build the system to your department’s exact specifications.

To find out how PSTrax can support your department, submit an inquiry today or shoot us an email at [email protected]. We look forward to helping you!