PSTrax Features a Help Center that’s Easy-to-Use

PSTrax users can access a fully-loaded help center right from the platform!

If you are ever stuck and need help using any of PSTrax’s modules, help is just a click away. PSTrax offers a help center that is built right into our platform and is designed to help users find everything from how-to videos to in-depth training.  Our development team has included a Knowledge Base, Video Library, Admin Training, User Training, System Updates and detailed information on all of our available modules.

Knowledge Base

The PSTrax Knowledge Base is a virtual users manual for all things PSTrax. When you click into the Knowledge Base, you’ll get a separate window right to our legacy Help Center. It won’t interfere with your session, so you can look up search topics without worrying about losing where you were in your check. The Help Center has offers information on system updates, shows specifics on each module, has steps to help system administrators with settings and permissions, includes frequently asked questions and even hosts a digital bulletin board.

Video Library

Checking out the Video Library is as easy as selecting a module and topic. Each video is available in a user and admin format. The user videos will walk you though how to complete a check, while the admin version is expanded to include how to control access and settings. There are videos for each of our modules and offer a great visual for those wanting more help with the PSTrax system.


There are two areas for training included in the knowledge base. One is admin and the other user-focused. When you launch either version, the system literally walks you through a variety of topics, giving you a “tour” of the platform as it goes. It is a great way to become a PSTrax expert.

System Updates

The PSTrax Help Center includes details on our system updates. It will show you every update performed and includes a summary of what each one included so you can stay on top of changes, updates or learn new things about PSTrax.


Love PSTrax? The Help Center includes a link to our Modules Page. Here, you can see what other checks we can help with. From Vehicle and Station Maintenance, to Inventory Control and Narcotics Tracking, you can check out all of our modules to see if there are any more feature-packed modules that can help make your job easier.

Of course, if you’re not the self-help type, you can always contact us for help directly. One of the most amazing features PSTrax offers is our unlimited, lifetime support. When opening the Help Center, we’ve put our contact info right on top, so you can find us quickly and get in touch.

If PSTrax can help you with operations checks and logistics management, we’d love to chat. Please check out our fire software and EMS software, or contact us for a free demo today!


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