Say “Hello!” to the 21st Century Fire Service

The fire service industry goes back to the start of our Nation and is steeped in tradition, the heritage is rich with stories of steam pumpers, “the good ole’ days” and more. Culture change can be difficult, disheartening, and traumatic for some. It seems to be particularly difficult for the fire service with long-standing traditions and processes. That’s why changes in firefighting technology — even progressive and innovative technologies — can be difficult to embrace.

Let’s take vehicle maintenance for example. Vehicle maintenance is an important aspect of the daily routine and a critical component of maintaining response capability. For decades, departments have relied on paper checklists and complicated spreadsheets. Because of the critical nature of the fire service and calls received, all vehicles must be thoroughly checked and readily available on a daily basis. Any found deficiencies and/or maintenance issues are logged and submitted to officers for repair – all of this is being done on paper. It’s inefficient and outdated, but many departments revert back to “but it’s how we’ve always done it.”

But the way it’s always been done gets complicated. Different checklists on different days, different inventories on different rigs, and checks performed by dozens of different crew members. It’s a recipe for disaster. With today’s technology, departments can be proactive about streamlining their processes and checks, but it is hard to find the right software. Many software solutions follow a one size fits all model. That doesn’t cut it.

PSTrax is more than just software with a template. PSTrax is a combination of software with a team of experts dedicated to creating the right solution for your department. We take your existing checks, along with best practices and NFPA guidelines to create a custom-configured solution for your crews.

Departments utilizing the PSTrax have access to the industry-leading technology for managing routine truck, equipment, and inventory checks. Easy-to-use features enable personnel to complete inspections faster, help departments visualize apparatus and equipment statuses and improve compliance to regulations on essential gear.

If you’re ready to be proactive and bring your officers into the 21st Century, our team is ready to help you with a roll-out that is on your timeline and to your complete satisfaction. Contact us today to schedule a demonstration.