Taking PSTrax to the Next Level!

When we started PSTrax back in 2009, the vision was simple: to build an “app for truck checks” to help crews eliminate redundancies, automate documentation, and increase efficiencies.

Over time, however, the vision grew to include much more, such as vehicles, equipment, supplies, and controlled substances checks based on the needs of our customers.

Today, we are excited to announce that we have partnered with Growth Street Partners to accelerate the vision.

Ready for Launch

Until now, PSTrax has been completely bootstrapped – we started and grew the company using our own resources. This was very intentional because it allowed us to be methodical, answer only to our customers, and build an exceptional platform that was functional and user friendly.

While we have more work left, we believe that we’ve now achieved this.

We are now ready to grow PSTrax and pursue our vision and passion to help more first responders who need to automate their day-to-day operations with technology.

The Right Partner

You may have noticed that PSTrax is growing like crazy – we currently serve more than 850 Fire & EMS agencies across the United States, Canada and Australia.

We’re transitioning from an early-stage company into an exciting new growth stage. In order to best serve our customers in this next phase we felt it was important to have an experienced partner that has done it many times before.

Of course, we wanted the right partner for the right reasons. PSTrax has been our baby for 13 years and admittedly we’re very protective of our customers, people, product, and “service first” culture.

It was imperative to find a partner that believed in our current direction and simply wanted to help accelerate it. Operationally, it was also important for us to maintain control in directing the company. Therefore, we wanted a specialized minority investor that could help us serve more agencies and not change our mission or culture.

And – quite frankly – we’ve seen other software companies in the industry be ruined or sunset due to profit driven motives. That was the last thing our customers deserve.

Throughout the years, we received a constant influx of funding and acquisition offers – none of these met our criteria. Thankfully the healthy state of the company allowed us to be extra picky…

Growth Street Partners (GSP)

Then along came Growth Street. They share our passion for helping first responders and 100% back our vision for the company. It was clear from Day 1 that they were different from other investors that wanted to be part of PSTrax.

To be clear, Growth Street is a minority partner that is committed to our mission and not the other way around. We remain a private company and have the exact same leadership team – Scott, Cliff, Ryan, Nathan. The only difference is now we have 5 owners instead of 4.

Growth Street specializes in founder-owned and -operated, SaaS companies like PSTrax. That experience has already proven to be invaluable, and we truly believe it will help us provide an even better experience for our customers as we continue to grow.

We’re really excited to welcome Growth Street to the PSTrax family.

Adding Fuel to the Fire (pun intended)

Most importantly, what does all this mean for your agency? Partnering with Growth Street allows us to “add more fuel” to our successful approach by providing us with additional resources to better serve you.

Today, PSTrax is operated by a team of 23 people who are focused on relentless innovation, functionality, and user friendliness. We achieved a lot with a small team, but we are now looking to expand our team with others that share our passion for helping first responders.

Here are some of the exciting things we’ll be working on:

  • Increasing our customer support team
  • Better training and documentation resources
  • Improved platform stability & performance
  • Innovative updates and new modules
Join Our Growing Family

Our mission at PSTrax is to conduct business honestly and ethically and provide first responders with specialized software that makes a measurable difference in their day-to-day lives.

If you share a passion for first responders and love PSTrax, we’d like to invite you to join us on the journey. We’re hiring a bunch of positions so make sure to check out our careers page or send your resume to [email protected].

Thank you. So much.

Finally, on behalf of the entire PSTrax team, thank you for all your trust and support over the years. PSTrax would have never evolved so much without the feedback of the amazing crews using it every day.

If you thought PSTrax was already a great company, wait until you see what’s ahead.


Scott Bergeron
CEO & Co-Founder




Scott’s professional career spans over 30 years as an industry thought leader, entrepreneur, and business owner. Scott is the President / CEO and co-founder of PSTrax, a cloud based application designed to help first responders modernize their apparatus, equipment, and inventory programs.

“My life’s passion is helping first responders increase crew accountability, risk reduction, and labor savings by streamlining efficiencies.”

When Scott isn’t working directly with his team or clients, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Tricia, his three grown kids, four grandchildren, staying fit and riding anything on two wheels.

Like what you read? Follow Scott on LinkedIn here.  Want to know more about how PSTrax can help? Schedule a demo today!