Why You Should Ditch Pen & Paper

In as many as 80% of fire departments across America, the vehicle check form is a piece of paper, attached to a clipboard. Having this paper handy allows for easy double-checks, and provides a record of action and accountability. It also provides information from previous checks, which can be critical to an inspection.

If the officer doesn’t take the time to examine the information identified in previous checks, there could be some crucial data that is missed. At the end of the day, paper is just too finicky and unreliable to trust, especially with the lives of first responders and those they assist. 

Teams need a system that provides information immediately and in real-time, with no chance of it being lost or misplaced during incident responses. 

With PSTrax’s cloud-based system, you can ensure that all your inspections get completed and important information is communicated across shifts without getting lost in the shuffle. 

Cloudsystems help to increase accountability among the crew by recording every inspection action taken, as well as by who performed it. This way, the risk of pencil whipping up a quick check are eliminated, and your inspection records are more accurate and reliable than ever. 

This is especially important if your organization ever gets audited, or if there are any incidents that require review, such as workplace damage and hazards, and personal inujury.

 Remember, you don’t just conduct one kind of check. Stations, vehicles, and more all need to be checked, approved, and recorded to ensure a safe and compliant workspace. 

Some of the most common checks include:

The list goes on. That’s a lot of paper and time spent by your department. In fact, it can be quite daunting once you consider the resources spent on completing checks, communicating issues throughout shifts, and storage of past checks.

With PSTrax, you can cut the paper, time, and resources in half. Department heads who have made the switch are seeing an increase in crew safety and efficiency as well as an increase in apparatus and equipment lifetimes. Not to mention a huge reduction in headaches.

The industry is transitioning to paperless, with the benefits offered by our solution, there’s no reason for your department to stay stuck in the past. With PSTrax, you can propel your crews into the 21st century with:

  • Greater visibility into department operations
  • A reduction in admin time locating items and paper checks
  • Complete documentation for compliance, audits, and claims
  • Streamlined department communications
  • System maintenance and updates

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